Cédric ANGOT

Cédric ANGOT 

Cédric ANGOT comes from a large family of riders and breeders of international jumping horses. Winner of the Normandy Cadets championship, he is  Juniors Elite France Champion and Junior French Champion. As part of the French team, he competed in four European championships and won a bronze team medal in San Remo (ITA). Cedric is an expert of the highest order, his international experience is a key asset to NASH of which he is a historical founding member. Settled in the Paris region, he never fails to come back to his roots in Normandy and visit the breeding farms the best foals. His critics are always appreciated, his opinion is essential for the selections and during sales.



A reknowned breeder at Tamerville stud farm, the numerous horses with the affix 'Tame' roam the top international jumping circuits such as Old Chap Tame, Panama Tame,

Rubis Tame and many others.

Narcos II and Quat'sous were the mainstays of a family breeding that

never stopped promoting the jumping horse. Denis is one of those big names "les BROHIER", who helped to create the Selle Français and who worked to improve

the studbook S.F.

Denis presides over the destinies of NASH with happiness, he impels and leads the sales every year since the creation of the agency.

His ethic in the choice of horses and his breeder charisma are guarantees of success passed on to the entire team.



Professional expert within the riders community, Jean Luc is settled in the North Cotentin, his breeding of Argouges perpetuates the Selle Français, the best strains are put in value under his saddle as well as his son Alexandre. New associate of NASH, Jean Luc brings his expertise as referent judge of the studbook, he also refers to the SHF for young horses. His experience is an added advantage in NASH, his judgment is unequivocal and his opinions supported by an accurate analysis of the model and the pace of each horse presented and selected for the sales. A skilled horse man, he brings a dynamic and innovative approach to marketing during the fall sales.



It is no longer necessary to present Alain with his knowledge of the horse industry as a rider (Jumping France Champion), instructor, then coach of young Norman riders, discoverer of talents, the bulk of current riders have gone through his teaching. Skilled organizer of national and international competitions, promoter of young horses shows in Auvers, Alain is the driving force of the agency NASH. Founding member of the company, he has the ability to judge and estimate at first sight the qualities sought in each foal. Alain, an experienced horse man knows how to appreciate young horses, his opinion is a reference in this area. Fervent support of breeding and breeders, Alain is constantly encouraging and promoting the French sports horse.



Worthy son of one of the greatest Norman breeders, the late Alexis PIGNOLET, Bertrand has to be one of the main associates of NASH. International rider, talented breeder at Haras d'Elle, passionate about teaching young horses, he has an opinion on each horse and has this ability to feel the quality of each subject. He likes to watch and appreciate in each foal's 'eye' his character. His opinion makes reference in terms of model and the pace of each product presented.



Coming from a large family of breeders, horse man, this young horses rider is a connoisseur of origins and pedigrees. His appreciation of the qualities of each subject is essential to the selection of the best horses. In addition, his activity as a farmer at the edge of the forest in Cerisy allows him to keep in touch with the breeding environment that he knows perfectly. Breeder of many very good horses, he knows how to recognize the intrinsic qualities of each foal or horse. His opinion is preponderant for the agency NASH.